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Berson Industries began as a small family business in Plano, Texas in 1991. Our principle products were a line of dry dip mixes marketed under the name "Nature's Harvest".

In 1994 we relocated to Joplin, Missouri; expanded our product line and trademarked the name "Autumn Harvest Gourmet Foods".

1997 saw the the construction of office and manufacturing facilities and the launch of www.autumnharvest.com. (In those days there were so few companies marketing on the web that you could actually buy a printed copy of the "Internet Directory".)

1998 brought incorporation and the establishment of Autumn Harvest Gourmet Foods as a separate division within the corporation.

In 2003 Digital Video 1 was formed, a company providing digitizing and conversion services for photos and video, as well as DVD production and data archiving. .

Sharp declines in 2008 of the small "mom-&-pop" gourmet/gift/speciality stores (previously the Autumn Harvest niche market) prompted the sale of Autumn Harvest Gourmet Foods in 2009.

Following the sale of Autumn Harvest Gourmet Foods, Berson Industries, Inc. was dissolved in June of 2010 and all assets liquidated.

In 2011 Berson Industries website began providing a location for the Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid outdoor training class website..

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